Traverse Town is an alt synth/pop duo located south of Boston. Described as having a lush synth sound, they feature mostly electronic based songs with clean production, while also throwing it back to the 80's with infectious guitar riffs, synth pads, and catchy choruses. These are the type of melodies that will get stuck in your head for days.

They released their debut EP 'Kilimanjaro' April of 2016 on SoundCloud, and received praise from blogs such as Purple Melon Music, Wolf In A Suit, and The Economix, and have already received thousands of streams on there as well as Apple Music and Spotify. After releasing the singles 'Stay With Me', followed by 'Play Pretend', they released their sophmore EP ‘Fantasy’ in February independently on all digital platforms.

Now, after becoming a verified Spotify artist, reaching radio play by WBRU 95.5, and being featured by bigger blogs and channels like FUNSPEAR MUSIC and Fancy Melancholic, they have now signed on with Aztec Records to release their upcoming EP entitled ‘Killer’.

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